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Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer

Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer



Product Details

2016 Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer

The Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer is the world’s first iPhone powered bike trainer! Your indoor cycling experience will never be the same. Take the back wheel off your bike and connect to the Wahoo KICKR for accurate power measurement, iPhone controlled resistance, open third-party software options, and the smoothest indoor riding on the market.

The new KICKR bike trainer features a redesigned gearing and belt system that decreases noise caused by friction and vibration, creating just 61 decibels.

A more reliable and accurate power measurement system (+/- 2%) provides a true workout experience, from free-riding to using online platforms like Zwift and Trainer Road.

Features and Information

  • Wheel off design for direct, lab accurate power measurement at the hub
  • Set your resistance via apps on your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Super flywheel engineered to replicate the inertia of an actual rider on the road
  • ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, & Bluetooth Smart
  • Quiet as your favorite fluid trainer
  • Works with popular virtual training software
  • Includes Shimano/SRAM cassette; Campagnolo adapter sold separately

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