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Legs of steel

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Yoga for Cyclists at Belmont Wheelworks

2017 Program TBA!

Wheelworks is pleased to offer "Yoga for Cyclists" classes at Belmont Wheelworks this winter! As a competitive runner and triathlete herself, Krista Schepanovsky understands how yoga enhances her physical strength, flexibilty, and focus.

As a cyclist or triathlete have you heard that yoga is 'good for you' but have no idea where to begin? Or you might think - 'I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible?'

Come to Wheelworks and learn from an experienced yoga teacher who was a cyclist and triathlete first.

In this 6 week intro to yoga you'll see how a regular yoga practice:

  • Improves core strength and increases flexibility
  • Open areas that tend to tighten on the bike
  • Help breathing and focus
  • Keep you happy, healthy and injury free both on and off the bike

Class Details

  • Every Monday from 7:15pm to 8pm
  • Classes begin January 25th and run through February 29th
  • Held at Belmont Wheelworks
  • $15 per 45 minute class - Register/Pay Online - Click on the Classes link at the top and go to Jan 25th for the first and subsequent classes
  • Bring your own Yoga mat, towel and water


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