Feels like flying

Faster than walking

Free parking

Legs of steel

Puts a big smile on your face

Cielo Sportif

Product Details

Cielo Sportif

Named simply Sportif this new model is a steel frame road bicycle built to perform with elegance. Light and confident, agile and stable, quick and forgiving, tig-welded and constructed with a specially selected blend of tubing, the Sportif exemplifies the heart of Cielo’s design ideals. Drawing insight from the time tested classic steel road racing bicycles of the 70’s and 80’s and combined with an inspired modern geometry, the Sportif is a joy to ride. A handmade Cielo fork featuring our Chris King machined fork crown perfectly compliments the Sportif ride. The rear wheel is anchored to our in-house made vertical Cielo dropouts and the frame is designed around long reach 57mm brake calipers. The frame and fork include fender braze-ons to accommodate our beautiful painted to match fenders. The Sportif is Cielo tradition refined.

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