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Indoor Training Classes

We are pleased to offer two winter indoor cycling programs.

Pedal Stroke 101 - Improve your fitness and efficiency with Wheelworks' Indoor Cycling Classes. Harvard Cycling Coach, Ed Sassler, has developed a progressive series of classes to address position and develop efficient use of a cyclist's muscles for improved fitness and performance.

Winter Training with Power Class - Regardless of your level of experience or cycling goals, the Wheelworks Power Training Course will provide you with a time efficient, scientifically validated, and individualized training plan to establish an aerobic foundation to carry you into your best season of riding. Whether targeting weekend group rides, charity events, gran fondos, hill climbs, or a full summer schedule of racing, training with a power meter is the simplest and most effective way to make positive use of your limited training time. Let us show you how!

Fat Bikes

What are Fat Bikes?  

Fat Bikes are mountain bikes, just SUPER-SIZED. The HUGE tires (up to 4.7 inches) offer improved traction on dirt and flotation over snow. Because the giant tires can be run at very low pressure, the wheels have improved grip on slick ground, as the extra surface area does not allow the wheel to sink as much into soft surfaces like snow or wet sand.


Be prepared for fluctuations in temperature and weather conditions with technical riding apparel designed for the season.

BASE LAYERS are the first step to staying warm and comfortable. Made from close-fitting synthetics or wool, they are soft, lightweight, and moisture-wicking.

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ARM, KNEE, & LEG WARMERS provide extra layers of warmth when you need them, and are easily stored and carried when you don't. SHOE COVERS protect against wind, wet conditions and cold feet. CAPS fit neatly under your helmet an protect against cold and wind chill.  GLOVES block wind while allowing movement for shifting and braking.

WINDPROOF VESTS & JACKETS are lightweight and packable armor against biting winds and drops in temperature. As fall wears on, the weather gets colder and unpredictable. COLD WEATHER JACKETS will make you prepared for any temperature and weather condition.

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Winter Shoes

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