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Pedal Stroke 101 Class

Fall 2016 & Winter 2017 indoor classes with coach Ed Sassler

Improve your fitness and efficiency with Wheelworks' Indoor Cycling Classes. Harvard Cycling Coach, Ed Sassler, has developed a progressive series of classes to address position and develop efficient use of a cyclist's muscles for improved fitness and performance.

This is a sequence of classes, from pedal stroke 101 where the concept of muscle group isolation is introduced to intervals where it's put into action. As with any learning process, each part is built on the part before it, so it's best to take both pedal stroke classes. The hill and interval sessions are fitness based and may be too early in the season for some, but a good understanding of what the workouts should be like is always a good start.

Pedal Stroke 101 Class:

This is a three week class that breaks down the pedal strokes to four muscle groups. Within that, you learn how your body weight is supported at the pedals, not at the handlebars, so you gain power and are more comfortable. This class is also the basis for being stable in the saddle, which translates to being able to do longer rides in comfort.

Cost: $150 for 3 classes

Size: 6 riders per class

Week 1: Hip flexors - Monday 1/9,   Wednesday 1/11,   Friday  1/13
Week 2: Glutes - Monday  1/16,  Wednesday  1/18,  Friday  1/20
Week 3: Quads - Monday 1/23,   Wednesday 1/25,   Friday  1/27

Time: Show up at 6:30pm, on the bike warmed up by 7:00pm, riding until 8:00pm

Pedal Stroke & Advanced Pedal Stroke Class Format: Pick 1 class from each week (Mon, Wed, Fri of each week cover the same material) | Each day is first come, first serve | Trainers are provided by the shop | Classes are designed for drop bar road bikes with clipless pedals | If bike fit is in question, please contact Ed before the classes start

Register: By calling 617.489.3577 - ask for Indoor Cycling Class Registration

Note from Ed Sassler:

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Note: This class is intended for riders with multi-geared road bikes with drop bars. As fit on the bike is extremely important, Ed will ask to check the fit of your bike before the class begins, and if necessary schedule a complete fitting in advance of the class.

Details: Riders should be on their bikes and warming up by the start time. Trainers are supplied by the shop, but to get the most out of the class it's suggested that each rider own or purchase a trainer.  Riders should bring what they ride in (you probably don't need the helmet), a towel, a water bottle.

What you will need for classes:
1) Your bicycle
2) Trainers are provided for the class, but you may want to purchase a trainer for home use to practice/train.
3) Cycling Clothes
4) Water Bottle/Hydration
5) Towel

Ed Sassler - Program Coach

Ed Sassler was a competitive cyclist from 1978 to 1993 and is best known for his climbing ability as a junior. In 1985 he started working at Wheelworks and began training with John Allis - 3 time U.S. Olympian and 1974 U.S. National Road Champion. In 1998 Ed started coaching the Harvard cycling team. His riders have found success on the regional and national level.

Location: Belmont Wheelworks - 480 Trapelo Road, Belmont

Register: By calling 617.489.3577 - ask for Indoor Cycling Class Registration

Contact: Ed Sassler


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