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The Science of Cycling Series 2017

The Science of Cycling winter clinic series are back! Science of Cycling is a serieis of educational seminars covering topics ranging from cardiac health, nutrition, common training injuries, training techniques, and R&D of bicycle and bicycle equipment technolgy.

The clinics are free and open to all.

Part II: The Kinetics of Cycling: How to Prevent Injury, Stay Comfortable, and Keep Loving Your Bike

Presented by Dr. Dana Kotler and Greg Robidoux, PT of Spaulding Rehab Hospital

When: Thursday, February 9th at 8:00pm

In the second installment of the Science of Cycling Series, Wheelworks will host Dr. Dana Kotler and Greg Robidoux, PT of Spaulding Rehab as they discuss strategies for improved performance and injury prevention through the development and maintenance of cycling specific range of motion, core strength, and stability.

In the second, hour long discussion in our Science of Cycling Series, Dr. Kotler will address the biomechanics of cycling fitness, explaining the physiology of musculoskeletal performance and the pathology of common cycling related discomfort and injury. Focusing on the three factors influencing cycling comfort and performance, namely the structural, technical, and positional, our guest speakers will explain not only the significance of proper bike fit but will also address the limitations of bike fit by digging into common limitations in the kinetic chain that negatively impact cycling performance.

While bike fit is absolutely essential to cycling comfort and performance, the benefits of bike fit are often inhibited by limitations in the functional strength and range of motion of the rider. Common limitations in strength and range of motion have a negative impact on everything from saddle comfort to climbing efficiency and more often than not any athlete interested in improving both cycling comfort and mechanical efficiency must first address their own functional limitations off the bike.  This discussion is intended to provide curious athletes with a road-map for not only avoiding or treating injury but also for those who would like to see improvements in comfort and mechanical efficiency.

About the Speakers:

Dr. Dana Kotler, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and board-certified sports medicine physician leads the Cycling Medicine Program. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and lectures widely on the relationship between core muscles and low back pain. An avid cyclist herself, she competes in road, track and cyclocross events

Greg Robidoux, PT is a Physical Therapist and founder of The Cycling PT. Greg is Director of Education and lead instructor for the Serotta International Cycling Institute in the science of bicycle fit. A competitive cyclist himself, he understands the sports and the importance of proper functional movement patterns and bike fit to reduce injury, increase comfort on the bike, and improve performance.

2017 Schedule

January 12th - Dr. Aaron Baggish, Head of the Cardiac Performance Center at MGH: The Athlete’s Heart

February 9th - Dr. Dana Kotler and Greg Roubidoux, PT. The Kinetics of Cycling: How to Prevent Injury, Stay Comfortable, and Keep Loving Your Bike

Where: Belmont Wheelworks, 480 Trapelo Road, Belmont MA

Time(s): 8pm to 9-9:30pm

Cost: Free and Open to ALL!

Light Refreshments will be served


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