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Tandem Group Ride

Tandem Ride:

The group tandem ride will be heading to Concord Center first, then out to Wayland for a quick tour of the wetlands and wildlife sanctuary along Water Row Road. On the way back the ride may stop at Dairy Joy if there's a need for ice cream.

*A note from ride leader Ed Sassler:  "When I moved to the Boston area (in the early 80's) there were wonderful group rides because experienced riders like John Allis would take out groups. There were no cue sheets and GPS wasn't going to be available for a few decades, you just followed the ride leader.  Now we have Garmin and Strava, but the group rides I loved so much have all but vanished. This ride is a return to the way it once was, stick with me and I'll show you some of the best roads I know".

Please note: This ride is for couples with some experience riding a tandem, which is to say we would rather it not be your first time on the big bike.  That said, the learning curve for riding tandems is a steep one.  Wheelworks offers a education in tandem riding for couples looking to buy a tandem. We go over the jobs of the captain (person in front) and the stoker (person in back - also known as the "rear admiral"), take each of them out individually (it's important for the captain to understand what the stoker feels and sees back there) and finally put it all together and have them test ride a few tandems.  If you have no experience on a tandem, but you want to do this ride, this is where it starts.

*Please make an appointment with us to test ride in advance of the group ride. We are offering tandem test rides all day (9am-5pm Saturday and 12pm-4pm Sunday) during the course of Tandem Weekend.

If you're thinking of joining this ride, but you would like to test out one of the shop's road tandems, please make arrangements to do so before the day of the ride so we can pick out a tandem and get your position set up.  "As someone who started out on a heavy steel mountain tandem and later upgraded to a fast road tandem, I encourage anyone who's entertaining the idea of upgrading to take us up on this offer.  You won't be disappointed." Ed Sassler, Ride Leader

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